World Biographical Information System (WBIS) Online

With the “World Biographical Information System (WBIS) Online” K. G. Saur presents the most comprehensive and extensive biographical online library. The database can be accessed owing to the application TÁMOP 4.2.5-09/1-2010-0002 won by Educatio Public Services Nonprofit LLC. The database can be accessed freely by members of EIS consortium.

By the end of 2010, WBIS:

  • Provide access to approximately 9 million digitized articles from almost 10,000 reference works: works written since the 16th century in 44 languages and comprising more than 17,000 volumes.
  • Include information on more than 5 million people: men and women from all classes and professions, from all countries and regions of the earth, from the 4th millennium BC to the present

WBIS Online is based on the digitization of the microfiche editions of K.G. Saur’s Biographical Archives, which was completed in 2009.

Unique in its scale the database offers:

  • Altogether 57 digitized Biographical Archives
  • Biographical entries for 6 million persons from the World Biographical Index
  • Biographical articles for 5.56 million persons
  • Altogether 8.4 million articles, published from 1559 to the end of the 20th century.

The 57 available Biographical Archives are:

African Biographical Archive (AfBA)

(233 Sources published 1807-1993)

American Biographical Archive (ABA I, II, III and Suppl.)

(626 Sources published 1702-1998)

Arab-Islamic Biographical Archive (AIBA I, II)

(376 Sources published 1760-2002)

Australasian Biographical Archive (ANZO-BA and Suppl.)

(194 Sources published 1866-1987)

Baltic Biographical Archive (BaBA I, II)

(317 Sources published 1772-1995)

Biographical Archive of the Classical World (BAA)

(87 Sources published 1820-1989; Persons from 8th Century BC up to 8th AD)

Biographical Archive of the Middle Ages (BAMA)

(56 Sources published 17th Century-2002)

Biographical Archive of the Benelux Countries (BAB I, II)

(188 Sources published 1581-1998)

Biographical Archive of the Soviet Union (1917-1991) (BASU)

Russian Biographical Archive + Supplement (RBA and Suppl.)

(398 Sources published 1817-2002)

British Biographical Archive (BBA I, II und III)

(748 Sources published 1601-2002)

Canadian Biographical Archive (CaBA)

(162 Sources published 1848-1997)

Czech and Slovakian Biographical Archive (CSBA)

(212 Sources published 1711-1994)

Chinese Biographical Archive (CBA)

(89 Sources published 1898-1994)

French Biographical Archive (ABF I, II, III and Suppl.)

(611 Sources published 1647-1999)

German Biographical Archive (DBA I, II, III)

(902 Sources published 1707-1999)

Greek Biographical Archive (GBA)

(90 Sources published 1677-1996)

Hungarian Biographical Archive (UBA)

(152 Sources published 1559-1995)

Indian Biographical Archive. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (IBA)

(184 Sources published 1815-1995)

Italian Biographical Archive (ABI I to IV and Suppl.)

(879 Sources published 1646-2001)

Japanese Biographical Archive (JaBA)

(77 Sources published 1646-1999)

Jewish Biographical Archive (JBA I, II and Suppl.)

(273 Sources published 1781-2001)

Korean Biographical Archive (KBA)

(Sources published 1875-2000; Persons up to 2000)

Polish Biographical Archive (PAB I, II and Suppl.)

(456 Sources published 1655-2003)

Scandinavian Biographical Archive (SBA I, II)

(433 Sources published 1621-1999)

South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)

(302 Sources published 1850-1997)

South-East European Biographical Archive (SOBA)

(175 Sources published 1711-1995)

Spanish, Portuguese & Latin-American Biographical Archive (ABPI I to IV)

(1122 Sources published 1602-2000)

Turkish Biographical Archive (TBA)

(157 Sources published 1854-2001)

The people in WBIS Online: artists, scientists, lunatics, zoologists, lawyers, alchemists, musicians, civil servants, philosophers, painters, clerics, kings, politicians, botanists, teachers, missionaries, book sellers, toreros, doctors, soldiers, industrialists, farmers, apothecaries, merchants, actors, chefs, seamen, writers, mathematicians.

WBIS offers more than just a list of prominent names:

  • Portrait of the population as they were in real life, with all their achievements and attainments, along with their curiosities and peculiarities
  • Often two or more entries for a person from different sources and periods. Different viewpoints and estimations about a person can be found, a full historical picture of a person’s life.

The sources in WBIS Online:

  • A unique diversity of selected biographical reference sources per country, region, language or cultural area:
    • Biographical Lexica
    • Historical accounts
    • Handbooks
    • Memoirs
    • Encyclopaedias
    • Who’s Who
    • Almanacs
  • Many of the older texts are unique biographical sources, which are no longer lent out in libraries because of their fragile condition
  • Display of the original biographical articles as a facsimile image
  • The Biographical Archives Online can be purchased and subscribed separately or in customized combinations as desired. Each Biographical Archive Online is a unique and self-contained reference work in its own right.
  • Libraries have high flexibility to build up their individual biographical collections for the library’s special needs.
  • Independent from the number of Biographical Archives subscribed, libraries have access to the complete World Biographical Index including short biographical information on more than 6 million persons.

Search possibilities in WBIS Online

  • K. G. Saur Database Platform
  • Interface in 6 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian
  • Occupation Classification in 6 languages
  • 4 search options (Basic Search, Biographical Search, Bibliographic Search, Microfiche Search)
  • 12 search criteria
  • Export of data:
  • Print functionality
  • Sending index entries by email
  • Download as PDF: view, print and save digitized biographical articles
  • SaveURL: Articles as well as search results can be saved with a persistent URL.

The database can be accessed owing to the application TÁMOP 4.2.5-09/1-2010-0002 won by Educatio Public Services Nonprofit LLC. The database can be accessed freely by members of EIS consortium.

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